June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophinator!

Yes, the day after we get home from China we have a birthday! Sophie is so happy to be 5. She keeps asking me is she really 5. She so thinks she is taller and stronger now too!
We are still having some serious jet lag issues. My sweet friend Brooke left Starbucks and a coffee mug in my mailbox for me today! AWESOME! Then Sunday Amber sent us lunch! Tonight I cheated and went and picked up......CHINESE! lol. I love American chinese food so much better than the real thing.
Jax is adjusting well. We have had a lot of company and he has done good so far. He met a lot more of his cousins and extended family yesterday. We have been using google translate very often. He is curious about everything! He is becoming much more affectionate and even gave Baba a kiss goodbye tonight as he headed out to work.


Aaron and Erica said...

Look at your little sassy 5 year old!!! Happy Birthday sweet Sophie!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Happy birthday to Sophie!


Carla said...

Happy *late by now* Birthday sweet Sophie!