June 22, 2010

Ignore Bert's bald spot and enjoy the show!


Amber said...

Love it!! He's smile is so handsome!!! Bert's chinese is rockin.. =)

Brooke said...

So cute!!! I love when Sophie says, "Ow! My Boo-Tay!" lol Love it. =]

Janet said...

Did Jax already know how to play marbles? I've been looking everywhere for marbles for a thrift store marble run toy....where did you get them--bet you already had theim;(

Lifeisgoodmom said...

I didn't see a bald spot! Looks like Jax is doing great! He's going to do so good in school!And Sophie is a hoot!
Hope to see you guys at church soon.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I love this Tina! All my kids are so into the fact that they were playing marbles. They love marbles! I cannot believe Jax's English/Chinese...he is BRILLIANT! What a CUTIE to top it off!
I loved your update in your post before this one too. It sounds like yall are doing so great! I love hearing how well Jax fits in, and how he and Sophie tattle..yep! That's family, alright!
Hugs to yall!