November 30, 2006

Thank you Amber!!

A BIG thanks to my good friend and world traveller Amber C. who loaned us her extra large suitcases. She gave me so many good tips for travelling abroad,stuff that I NEVER would have thought of.(yes, Bert I ended that sentence with w/ a preposition). Amber is only 19 and has her bachellor degree, has already been to Japan(she went with an ambassador program) and lived in Africa for 3 mos. She is one super cool chick!!! And she also bought Sophie her very first coat. It is just gorgeous and I know Sophie is going to look beautiful! Thank you Amber we love you!


Amber Corey said...

*sniff* That is so precious!!! Man, you make me sound impressive! I love you guys!!!

-Sophie's first babysitter =)

Alicia Nails said...

Bert & Tina,
Can't wait for you guys to get to China and get that sweet little Sophie! Good luck with everything!
Alicia Nails

Anonymous said...

Tina! I am so excited for you I can't hardly stand it! I hope you will have some good travel tips to share when you get home! Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Monica

Kim :) said...

BE Prepared to share those tips with your pink dragonettes!! I hope I will get to use them before the 2008 Olympics!!!

Love you!!