November 16, 2006

International Adoption = Roller Coaster Ride of a lifetime

Well TA has still not come. This is not good news. For those of you who I told we would possible be leaving the day before Thanksgiving that is definately not happening. Now our estimated travel date is Dec 6th. Our CA would be Dec 18th and we would hopefully be home by the 20th. But at this point I honestly dont know. I dont know why it is taking so long. I do know we are very distressed. Please keep us in your prayers that we will hear some good news quick.


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

We'll be praying that you guys receive your TA very soon! I know how hard this wait is, I never thought we would be waiting this long either. How great that you got new pictures of Sophie! She is gorgeous!!

Kim :) said...

:( Not what I wanted to hear/read. What IS the hold-up?! I am praying for TA to come soon. So sorry that it isn't already here!