November 10, 2006

New pictures

Yes...we just got 2 new pics of size updates yet. Oh I love her so much..cant wait to hold her~!


Green, Party of Four said...

You are so beautiful! Cant wait for you to be with your forever family.
Green Party of Four

Christie said...

Tina she is beautiful!! I had tears in my eyes when I saw her.

Monica said...

Oh Tina! She is so beautiful. I will continue to pray that you get a speedy TA! Love, Monica

Anonymous said...

OH!!! Those are sweeeeet pictures!
I can't wait for you to hold her in your arms!!! COME ON TA!!


Amber Corey said...

I love her!!!! The second one is sooo sweet!

R. W. & L. W. said...


Sophie is to cute!! You will have her in your arms before you know it.

We are friends Of Monica's. Praying for you and your Family to have a safe journey to Sophie...

Russ & Lisa (& soon Alison Rose)
DTC 04-25-06 LID 04-29-06