November 2, 2006

Not so good news

We heard from our SW this morning and she told us we would NOT be travelling until Dec. I cannot tell you how upset we are. I have been crying off and on all day and Bert doesnt even want to talk about it. This month is going to seem so long. We never thought even for a second we would not be travelling until December. I know this is all in Gods hands and once we have her we wont remember how hard the wait was and all those other things well meaning people say but today it just STINKS. Waiting is hard. Especially when you have seen that picture and you know your baby possibly needs surgery you just want to get to her. We have had her picture since she was 11 mos old. At this point we hope to get her while she is still 17mos old. It just depends on when in December we travel. Please keep us in your prayers...we are still trusting God for a miracle that we can somehow get her the end of Novemebr..or very first of December.

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Our Adoption Story said...

We are praying for you. We too are waiting with you so we understand! The wait is hard and painful, but the reward is even better. Keep focused on the end result. Sending hugs your way.