November 30, 2006

Starting to pack

Well yesterday Bert and I offically started packing. We sealed stuff into space saving bags, ziplock bagged liquids and argued about what we should and shouldnt take. I have eliminated A LOT of the clothes I wanted to take for Sophie...and I am probably still taking too much. I am planning on buying a lot of stuff in China. Anyway here is our itinerary for now.
12/3 Take kids to grandparents(Knoxville, Tn)
12/4 Bert and I come home from my parents(Happy Birthday, Mom)
12/5 LAST MINUTE packing
12/6 Flight leaves
12/7 Arrive Beijing 9:00pm
12/8 Beijing
12/9 Fly to Chengdu
12/10 Shop for Sophie stuff
12/15 Fly to GZ
12/16 Sophies Medical
12/18 Consulate appt.
12/20 FLY HOME. As of right now our flight will not be getting in until 10pm the night of the 20th. There is an earlier flight we are going to TRY and catch out of Detroit and be home by 4:00pm instead of 10pm. Those of you who told me you were coming to the airport please do not feel obligated, I know that first flight is late and it is a weeknight so if you cant make it DO NOT worry about it. I am sure we are going to be very exhausted and not be able to tell who is and who isnt there. Please remember that Sophie needs to bond with her family first, i.e mom, dad, brothers and sister. It is very important to me that her siblings get to her first. I know we have a lot of adjustments in our future and I am looking forward to them even though I know some of them may be just a bit tiring!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. My "pink dragonnettes" I love you so much and ya'll have been such a blessing and support I treasure your friendship(and none of ya'll have a choice you have to be at the airport) just kidding!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats again!
Sophie is already rotten and has no clue. Tina, I know that you and Bert will be great parents to Sophie . Tyler and Micah I know she will be glad to be blessed with two awesome brothers and Elizabeth Grace, you are going to make one awesome big sister!! Ok I gotta go before I make myself cry:)
Love you guys tons!!!
Aunt Laura