January 23, 2007

Yesterday Sophies US citizenship certificate came in the mail. So today I headed down to the social security building and applied for her SS card. I was so pleased at how easy and painless the whole process was. We should have her card within the next 7-10 days. Sophie is doing so well. She FINALLY ate today. She has not been eating well at all for about 2 weeks now. She had 2 Mcdonalds nuggets today and loved them! She seems to really like chicken. I have downsized her bottles and am trying to only let her have 2. I just love feeding her that bottle and rocking her. Every now and then Bert gets a turn with the bottle but I am the only one who has put her to sleep...and I love every second of it! Sophie is truly a gift from God that I am so thankful for. When I was rocking her tonight I just had that "heart swell" (you parents know what I am talking about) there is just nothing like it. Here is a short list of the things Sophie likes to do.
Blow kisses
Say MaMa
Scream Da DAAAAA really loud.
She mimics almost all our actions...for instance. I am usually holding her and vacuuming at the same time. Well I just kick the on/off button with my foot, so everytime Sophie sees the vacuum she walks up to it and kicks it!
She loves to sweep
Tell the dog "No, No and clap her hands at him.
Patty cake...she loves the roll em' up, roll em up part.
She loves to grab my face with her hands and give me a big open mouth kiss.
Sit in my spice cabinet and take everything out.
Wave bye bye.
Tries to say the kids names, does really well with Tyler, sounds like Ty-Lah.
Says LaLa (aunt Laura)
She can sign: eat, more, kitty and dog.(not in that order(lol) I dont know anymore to teach her(she really needs to learn please!!) lol.
She loves and I mean LOVES jumping on the trampoline. If the kids go outside without her she just stares out the window with this pitiful look till someone(daddy) comes and gets her,,,it is too cute. She says "jump, jump, jump" sounds like jmp, jmp, jmp
She also tolerates the car seat for much longer periods now.(like 45 minutes..whoo hoo) I am hoping we can make a visit to grandpa and grandma soon.
Thank you Lord for my precious children!!!


Laura said...

I love the pics of EG, she is just chillin! And little Sophie being a little ham of course! Two of my favorite Pierce girls :)
Aunt Lala

Anonymous said...

I love this post...thanks for sharing all the little details of what Sophie is learning in her new home! Love you guys, Melody

Amber Corey said...

Her little personality is so cute! I love the list. =)