January 1, 2007

Have a blessed New Year!

Low tolerance zone

Dad is so much fun

My beauty queen wave

I cant ever get these captions right. But in the one with Sophie and Micah..they are playing chase around the coffee table. The other picture where she is sitting on the white paper. Kim M, that is one of your signs you made for the airport. She loves to sit on it and then have Bert or they boys pull her around on the carpet. I knew you wouldnt mind!


Amber Corey said...

Awww!!! I love these!

Anonymous said...

How cute! These is wonderful.
ashley trevino

Anonymous said...

Sophie is so cute!!! She is always dressed really sweet!!! She has the most adorable little face, too! My sister, AnnaClaire, has the same carseat as her. I'm sorry Sophie doesn't like hers... hey-- it's a cute carseat!!!

BTW I'm the one who met you at the swearing in ceremony.