January 23, 2007

I just had to post these pics of EG. I just love em! This so reminds me of myself as a child. My mom always bought Schwanns frozen burritos. EG is eating a burrito. Of course I didnt eat the burritos for breakfast. I am sure she learned this from Linzi!
She is reading an Archie comic...which those of you who know me..well she comes by it honestly..and of course the hair in the towel is just too cute. I remember my mom wrapping my hair up after getting out of the shower/tub. She always did it so tight!


Anonymous said...

That is adorable. As my 10 year old grows, I see more of me in her...I only hope she gets the good stuff and not the bad!
Laine Ferrill

Anonymous said...

Love these picures...Elizabeth looks so grown up. I can sooo see you sitting there reading an Archie and munching on something yummy! (maybe thin mint girl scout cookies...??)

Amber Corey said...

EG looks so old!!! Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...