January 31, 2007

Trip to the audiologist

Today we went back to Childrens South for Sophie's hearing test. Unfortunately both ears failed the tympanogram...its where they put this little thing in your ear and blow a puff of air or something...and it measures something in the ear. The lady also said she had mild to moderate hearing loss. The good news is the lady didnt feel like it was anything permanent but most likely fluid or wax impaction which can cause both things(the timpanagram failure and the hearing loss). We have been through all this ear stuff with Micah(5 sets of ear tubes) so hopefully no biggie. Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician. He will most likely give Sophie an antibiotic and decongestant and possibly dig all the wax out of her ears. I have to take her back to the audiologist once her ears are all cleared up for a re-check.


Hodge Family News said...

Funny how God gives us kidos with ear issues!!! My bio son Ben had tubes at 9 months and Katie Lin had to have them too!!!
Hope all goes well for Sophie!!!


Amber Corey said...

Awww poor Sophie! Love all of the new pictures btw...cute!