October 10, 2006

Why I havent posted in a while...

This is our backyard

The bride and groom

My kitchen (after the fact)

Elizabeth(miniature bride) and her Aunt Laura

Well, the wedding reception is over and done with! YEAH!!! My very dear friend who is like a little sister to me tied the knot on Sat. The reception was at our home so I have been crazy for weeks trying to get everything ready. Although it was the perfect opportunity to get my "honey-do" list done...I am glad it is over.
I will post more pictures on this wonderful occasion later. I accidentally gave the CD with most of my pictures away..so I need to go make another one.
Anyways it has taken more than an hour for me to do this post. I dont know how to get the captions on the pictures like they need to be(obviously). I need a crash course from Dr.Mintz. And never fear for Kim will keep my blog updated the whole time we are in China.


Kim :) said...

Do I have a deal for you?!?!

When you get Sophie Ru home, I will hold her and play with her (even at your house!) while telling you how to do everything techno that I know how to do!! I will do almost anything to hold a baby!

Hodge Family News said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL backyard you have!!!! WOW!