October 22, 2006

Countdown begins...

Ok folks...I know it is getting close. I know this ...
1. because I am taking Ambien and have been awake since 5am...took it 11:pm.(I should be in deeeeep sleep right now)
2.Karla said it would be here the end of the month.
3. B/c this is the LAST full week of Oct. and right now I am not considering those 2 pitiful days that fall into next week and are still named Oct.
4. I just kinda got a feeling...(and If I am wrong dont remind me later)
5.B/c I went to "The Market" yesterday and bought 6 gifts for the lovely orphanage people.(actually I bought 5, one person gave me one free b/c I was adopting)
6.And many more reasons but basically I just want to go soosooosoooo bad!

What, you make ask are we counting down to?? TA in hand of course!!! Which means we get for sure travel dates, book a flight, fly to China, pick up Sophie, never sleep on Sunday afternoons or ever again(for several years), visit pandas, fly to GZ...swear to treat her like a princess..fly back to Alabama...show up at airport and watch my china friends and my family have a Jerry Springer feud over who is getting to get her first. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE..lol.


Laura said...

mmmm no comment

Kim :) said...

If I get the feud on video, can I sell it to pay for our adoption travel? :) Can't wait to hear about TA... my fingers are crossed for tomorrow!!!!!

Christie said...

Tina I am so excited for you!
Words can not say.