October 11, 2006

Oct 11th

Since we have been DTC the date, Oct 11th, was the day I figured we would hear something about our travel. We are 76 days from DTC and 60 days from LID. Our SW told us they are not expecting any more SN TA's until the end of this month. So how many more days to the end of the month 20 days. So maybe in 20 days we will hear something. I would really like to travel and be back home by Thanksgiving. But at this rate who knows. Oh yeah, yesterday I got the "Brown Envelope" in the mail.


Kim :) said...

Your backyard is gorgeous!! What fun you have had at your house... We are STILL waiting on our brown envelope!!!!

Hodge Family News said...

Congrats on the brown envelope!!! We have been home from China for a year and a half and never got one!!!