October 17, 2006


AHHHHHHHHH..ok God really wont give you more than you can bare!!!(see yesterdays depressed post)!! I just got a call from Karla at LL and she said she talked to their contact in China and our TA will be here the end of the month!!! YES>>>> Do you hear the Hallelujah chorus?? I do !! Oh thank you Jesus!! Ok I havent even started calling anyone yet! I just wanted to get this on here. Thank you all so much for your prayers about TA.Ok the next thing we need to pray about is that we will get a quick consulate appt!!!!


Monica said...

HOORAY!!! Keep us posted!!

Christie said...

Wahoo Tina tell me everything I want to know.

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...


Cynthia again - I received the same call you did yesterday!!! I wonder if we will travel together?

Please keep in touch! I couldn't do anything yesterday!!! I was and still am a mess!!


Kim :) said...

Hooray for TA!! Can't wait to hear about the Consulate appointment... I am so ready to hold Sophie!

Gina said...

I'm so proud for you Tina! Now if you can only find some time to shop for that poor baby some clothes...

Anonymous said...

:0) :0)
AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to hug and spoil another niece!!
xoxoxox to Sophie

Aunt Lala