August 28, 2008

Karate Testing

Well, all my ninjas tested this past Friday and were promoted to the next belt. One more year and Bert and Tyler will be black belt, and a year and a half for Micah and EG.  EG was presented w/ a trophy at this last testing for having the best spirit. She was so proud. I am so proud of all of them. They work so hard and it is a big commitment and a lot of hard work.  We are trying to talk Sophie into starting but she says she is not big enough..she says maybe when she is 4! lol.


Amber said...

That's awesome! Congratulations, everyone! Way to go, EG!!! Best spirit..that's quite a compliment. =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You go guys!! WOOHOoo!!
ashley trevioo

Michelle O said...

So that is how Bert knows so much about 3 legged ninjas.
During ARC I was telling Bert how I had to go into work that Friday night and would miss the service and that I hated having to miss it. Jacob was there with me and Bert said that the service was "Going to be kicking like a 3 legged Ninja!"
Well, Jacob liked it so much he must have said that phrase a million times for 3 weeks.
Tell Everyone Congrats!! :0) Michelle

The Princess's Mommy said...

Hey! Congrats to all your ninja turtles! What a wonderful accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, they did AWESOME!

The Ferrill's said...

Great job Pierce children! Can't wait to see Sophie out there in her little white outfit kicking some boo hineys! ;)