September 4, 2008

School days Schmool days

These are just some random pics I took this morning.  Sophie is helping daddy empty the dishwasher. He is trying to keep her busy while we have school.(Bert thinks I wanted photo proof that he helps around the house).  We are in our 4th week of school.  Some days are definitely better than others. The kids are getting older and the subjects are becoming more difficult and time consuming. Some days I want to run away screaming pulling my hair out and other days I just know God has given me the most brilliant, gifted children there ever was! (I wont tell you what kind of day wins more often) lol. 


Melody said...

I'm sure most days are filled with your most brilliant, gifted & talented children thoughts! So many memories come back when I look at the pictures of your school room!....oh the good ole days! (yeah right!)

The Princess's Mommy said...

Brillian, gifted and just so darn cute!! Glad things are going well!

Love ya,

James Wilder said...