August 21, 2008


Ok- so Bert bought me an I Mac a couple weeks is the BOMB!! I love it! I was playing around on it last night and I realized I can actually play around w/ my pics. I have always wanted Adobe photoshop but didnt want to fork over the cash so this might appease me for a while and then I can ask for photoshop for Christmas. WHICH speaking of Christmas my son Micah reminded me this morning that Christmas is only 4 mos and 4 days from today! Uhhh didnt we just start 2008 and now it is almost over!!!


The Ferrill's said...

Tina these are AWESOME! I love the cowgirl dresses! Sophie is such a lil' cutie! And your horse is beautiful!

Melody said...

Girl, the pictures are beautiful! You did a great job "playing around" with your new computer. Love, love, love the cowgirl outfits!

Amber said...

Wow - the pictures are awesome! You go girl! Sam's has their Christmas stuff out already - how crazy is that?!

Denise C said...

OH what precious pictures!!! I hopped over from Monica's blog....and am so glad I did...we are a homeschooling family too! I always love to meet other HS families!
It is so very nice to meet you!
Sweet Blessings!
Denise C

Lala said...

Oh my this year has flown by! sounds like Micah :) Love the pic, that is cool how you can do the pics!

James Wilder said...

Congrats on your Mac conversion! I too joined the faith last March with the purchase of my MacBook Pro. Love it. I managed to get a "deal" on the entire Adobe Suite... we'll have to see what we can do for ya'll! Love the pics!

(What app did you use for your photos?)

Just the 4 of Us said...

How kewl are these pics! I know you are loving the Mac...I cant wait to get all the NEW clothes in this week!!!!! Party here we come!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! You go girl!1
ashley t