August 18, 2008

EG turns 9

Wow...where did our summer go???? COME BACK!   We started back homeschooling on the 11th so we are now in our second week of school. So far so good. We are finishing in about 3-4 hours each day. I know that will increase as the year progresses but I am enjoying these "short" days.    
We finished up the summer w/ EG turning 9. I still cant believe she is 9.  She is turning into such a precious young lady. She loves the Lord so much and it is so neat to see her developing her own walk w/ God. She has an awesome sense of humor and great laugh..she keeps us in stitches!  We started off her birthday by picking up some of her friends and going to CHUCK E CHEESE...I soo love how Rick and Bubba call it Chuck E Cheese hell! lol. It was absolute chaos in there and I was alone w/ all 6 girls.(another medal for mom). Then we headed home to swim and have cake and ice cream.   The next day EG left for Grandma and Grandpas for a week! She had a great time there and of course did not want to come home. 


Melody said...

Happy late Birthday Elizabeth!!
Wow....Chuck E Cheese....what a fun place to spend your morning! You should have called me, I would have faced the mob with you! Oh wait...I was at work, oh darn!

Laura said...

I can not believe that she is 9!! Time does fly. She is a unique and special girl. I am going to miss her in my sunday School class.

surfergirl said...

tell eg happy late b day kaitlin didnt tell me

Sharon said...

I know! You said it! Where did summer go!?? Man. Great shots and happy birthday!!

I hope you have a super start to schol!!

The Ferrill's said...

Happy Birthday EG and Happy Back to School to the whole Pierce clan! ;)

James Wilder said...

Happy Birthday, 'Lizabeth! :)
James & Em