August 6, 2010

Where does the time go?

Yet again I am a slacker blogger. We have been so busy I don't know if I am coming or going! We have been camping and fishing and just busy with doctor appointments and church and life itself! It is hard to believe we have had 2 months with Jax already. His adjustment has been so awesome! His English is slowly but surely coming along. I am pretty sure he understand about 90% of what we say. He can say a lot of words, and even puts some sentences together. His sentences are:
You want some?
Can I see?
My turn!
Thats Mine!
Watch a movie?.
Where's the charger?
It needs batteries.
Say cheese.
Sophie say no.
noodles, please.
I am sure there are plenty I am forgetting! But overall his English is exceeding our expectations.

Behavior wise he is also doing good. He does have his moments as we all do. But he truly wants to please us and is truly sorry when he does something wrong. He has us all wrapped around his sweet little smile!

The constant competition between Jax and Sophie is truly making me crazy. It is from the minute their eyes pop open until they go to bed. Sophie is SO worried that Jax is going to get something and she is not. If I cut up an apple or a peach they both better get the same amount or else! I try to make everything as even as possible. They both are going crazy for my attention. If I walk around my house they want to touch me and hold my hand constantly. This is only if the other one is around. If the other sibling is not right there they are fine doing there own thing without me. But seriously the tattling and competition makes me want to run out of my house screaming...or just go hide in a closet. Any hints on how to save my sanity here? I laugh at myself when I think I had it all together...b/c I so don't have it together right now...and then school is suppose to start next week.....ok I am going to my happy place now.

Ok on a side note. Do your kids come watch you exercise like you are some kind of freak show? When I get up and exercise in the morning all the kids come sit on the couch and watch me do my video? Sophie loves to tell me how I am not doing it like the person on the video. But there I am in my living room, swinging my kettlebell all over the place, grunting and sweating and gasping for breath. And there they sit staring. humph!~ It gets on my nerves ;)


The Ferrill's said...

HILARIOUS! When I USED to do workout tapes, my kids would do this exact same thing! I need to start back!
Okay, the tattling and competition? LIVING IT HERE! It has got a lot better though, so I think it just takes time and lots of prayer and chocolate! ;)
I think I recognize Kim's girls! OH how I miss them, tell them hello for me!
It was GREAT to see yall Sat. Did you notice I didn't make it back for the 1:00? ;)
Hugs to you!

Carla said...

That competition? It's driving ME insane too - Katie and Sarah. ARGH

and LOL at them watching you do exercises. I think a new house rule should be that Momma gets to exercise in peace. ;)

miss you!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Tina, your post just cracked me up! I can just picture your kids lined up watching you exercise! (We need a picture of that)! :)

I don't have any advice for you, but Luke follows me around the same way. Except you have two..... :) I keep thinking this too shall pass....


Marla and S.J. said...

It's so great to catch up on your blog! I think you should give the kids awards for NOT tattling and NOT holding your hand...LOL!

Michelle O said...

How funny! My boys like to DO the exercise videos with me. Then I get frustrated because they are better at it than I am, haha. I am glad you have updated your blog. Your Posts always make me smile. I have tried to update twice but we have been so busy at work and with no internet at the house, I have not had the chance. I am hoping I can get one in tonight!

Luv Ya!