August 31, 2010

Ever had one of those

Nights?  Oh I had great plans all right. I told all the kids bed by 9:00 lights out by 9:30.  Sophie was even asleep by 8:30, fever and headache, bless her heart.  I even talked my mom into spending the night with me! So mom and I are laying up in the bed talking, enjoying a little rare mother daughter 9:45 I hear little is Jax....using the bathroom then sneaking his way into my bed. So, ok he can sleep in here, how can I say no to that adorable impish grin.  I hear more footsteps about 10 minutes later, EG's finger hurts and I know she wants to sleep with me and grandma but NO.  Then mom and I turn the lights out and continue to is now 11:00pm and I hear something else.
"Mom, do you hear that?"
"It's me" says the deep manly voice of my 14 year old who can't sleep. He decides to get a glass of milk and head back to bed.
 Fast forward to 4am and it really gets fun.
 I hear little feet again. This time it is Sophie. She stands at the side of my bed.
"Who's in there with you?"
"grandma and Jax"
"dang-it"  lol she really said dang-it! I mean EVERYTHING is a competition between she and Jax and obviously he won this one!!  So I told her it was ok to crawl up in the bed and I would get her some Tylenol b/c her mean old fever is back.  So, as I am getting the Tylenol Jax wakes up and realizes Sophie is in the bed....and...he. is. not. happy.  I get back in the bed. At this point I am hanging off the edge trying to cover up with a blanket the size of a piece of toilet paper b/c my mom and the kids are hogging it all. I have to keep my back to Sophie because she has already told me at least 5 times  how BAD my breath stinks.  Well she keeps hollering out b/c Jax touches her, Jax is all scared b/c Grandma is snoring/humming...(my mom thinks she hums instead of snores..but believe me she snores) and he thinks she is gonna eat him or something.  Finally, Sophie decided she needs to go potty and tells Jax to "save her spot" and actually slaps her spot to save it.   Well, the minute she gets out of the bed Jax rolls right to her spot, I see this as my opportunity to get more blankets so I scoot him over and decide to sleep between to the two to reduce further friction. Sophie gets back in the bed, tells me one more time how bad my breath stinks and then finally falls back to sleep.
 Ever had one of those nights?


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Somehow your posts always make me feel better, Tina! lol! Thanks for the laugh! I feel like I wrestle with a bull every night with Luke because he sleeps with us (sigh...yes we started that). And it's a full size bed, not even a queen!

Hope you have a better night and hope Sophie is feeling better!


Lifeisgoodmom said...

Oh my gosh! To walk a day in your shoes! What an adventure.Sometimes I wish I had some of that excitement!


Brooke said...

Haha! That's hilarious! I love your family! =]

Brooke said...

Haha! That's hilarious! I love your family! =]

Mary said...

I DO NOT SNORE, I REPEAT I DO NOT SNORE, I really do softly purr....

Amber said...

Hahahaha....sounds like torture!

Lacie-n-Kadensmom said...

haha a good laugh to read.... I know not so fun to live!

Good memories!!!