April 1, 2010

Another step down...Cabled

I talked to NVC last night (National Visa Center), plus got an email from them this morning. We were cabled yesterday 3/31/10. That basically means they sent/electronically cabled our paperwork to the consulate in Guangzhou China. The consulate is the place where Jax's visa is issued. Whoo hoo. Now all we need is Article 5 and then TA! Down to the last 2 steps. Oh I pray they go quickly! From what I can tell by stalking charts is that the Article 5 takes anywhere from 17-30 days to come. And then TA is usually 2-4 weeks after that.


TanyaLea said...

Oh happy day! It does seem to be moving faster again... you may catch up to me yet. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to meet in China!! ;) Though I am praying our TA arrives any day now!

Have a blessed Easter weekend! <><

Brooke said...

Sooooo Cloooossseee!!!! I know you must be anxious! I would be. =]

The Princess's Mommy said...

YIPPEE!!!! Not much longer now! Praise the Lord!

Love ya,

CK said...

Just found the link to your blog from Laine's. We returned in Dec with our 8yr old son (our 5th child and 3rd China adoption, we homeschool too). Hang in there I know those last few Hague steps seem to drag on. I will be watching for your progress to Jax!


Bailey said...

So exciting!!! We are on the exact same timeline. Let's hope that the Article 5 and TA come very quickly. I really want to get to China to hold my little one very soon. Congrats!!!