March 31, 2010

Care Package

We mailed Jax a care package a few weeks ago. I just heard from Ann at Red Threads that she received our package and would be mailing it to him tomorrow. We were able to include a self addressed stamped envelope in our package and I would just LOVE to get something from Jax. Oh my word just the thought of hearing from him makes me so happy!
So, how much does it cost to send a care package if you mail it yourself?
Contents- about $30.00
Courier fee- $33.00
Shipping- $76.00
Total= $139.00
I sent him a pair of Transformer Pj's, an outfit, coloring book and markers, Ultraman stickers, Pez dispenser, bouncy balls, pictures of our family, suckers to share, balloons to share, socks for the orphanage, nuts and chocolates for foster family. And of course a letter telling him how much we love him and that we are coming on a big plane soon to get him. EG and Sophie both drew him pictures and I included those also. Our MAC has a cool app where it translates english to chinese so I was able to label all the stuff so they would know who to give it to.
I am so anxious to bring our sweet boy home!!!


TanyaLea said...

I remember being shocked how much it cost to send a care package to China! The 'monetary' value of its contents were less...but in truth, it was worth MUCH more to us! It is a blessing to be able to send showers of love to our kiddos from afar, isn't it!?!

God bless you all and have a Happy Easter! <><


Laura said...

I know Jax is going to just love his package! Praying you get a letter or something back from him .