April 30, 2010

T A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Travel Approval)

I prayed at the beginning of the week that God would give us a miracle and allow our TA to come in this week. I told the Lord I knew it would be a miracle because TA's take at least 2 weeks after your A5 is picked up. I even thought to myself on Thursday, "well the Lord has one more day to do this miracle for me" because nothing happens on the weekends. I was really expecting Monday or Tuesday day 14 or 15 to be the first I would hear anything. WELL, imagine my TOTAL, DISBELIEF and SHOCK when my cell phone rang at 10:42 last night(on day 10) w/ my agency on the other line letting me know they had my TA. I was totally beside myself. After I hung up I was just screaming and yelling my thanks to God. It was just something I asked Him to do for me this week and He did it. I am in awe. He cares about the little things that mean so much to us. And I know I called the TA a "little thing" because in the grand scheme of things I know there are much bigger things people are praying for, but every once in a while God just likes to show off!!! Thanks Lord!!!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


That is awesome! I LOVE it when God shows off like that! Why are we always shocked when we asked for it??? :)

I'm so happy for you! I'll be following along as you go bring home your Jax!

Hugs and Blessings,

Aaron and Erica said...

YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! YAY FOR TA!!!!!

I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Janet said...

YAY!!! NOw wasn't waiting 2 more days better than being induced!

Shower of blessings! said...

Great news Tina!!!!!!!! closer to ~finally~ getting Jax! God is awesome, indeed! Celebrate God's faithfulness this weekend and always! Blessings, Diana

Lori Printy said...

Congrats on your ta! Looks like we are traveling the same time. We will be in Beijing on the 28th and our CA is on June 8th. Hope we get to meet!

Serving the King said...

Woo-Hoo!! Congrats!! What a great day!!

The Greig Family said...

How amazing! I love surprises! Our LOA came when I was not expecting. It made it even better, like getting the best present ever. Congrats to you and your family.

Sunny said...

HOORAY! I have chill bumps! I am so very excited for you!!!

Miss Riya said...

We are so excited for you.
Be sure to keep us posted.

Love & Prayers,
Miss Riya & Family

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOOO!!!!! GOD is so AWESOME!!!!! I absolutely love how HE gets the chance to show out in such an amazing way. Alright!! Let's bring Jax HOME!!

YEAH! YEAH! Do a little Praise dance, do a little Praise dance...!!:)

Sis Tyus

Cynthia said...

Awesome! God is good!