November 16, 2009


Still no I800 approval. I received a letter in the mail Friday that said my HS has still not made it to NBC even though it was suppose to have been sent on Oct 30th. I even got an email today from NBC confirming the fact they do not have my HS. I so thought I would be DTC by our anniversary and now I don't know when we will be. I am hoping this will all get straightened out this week.
On the other hand I hate to post without any pictures. Here are some pics of Sophie and her friends playing dress up last week.

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Kim said...

Hi-I just wanted to say Hello. We are a BAAS family also. I noticed that our fingerprint appts. were a week after yours. Our I800A was sent before our HS since our state has to approve the HS first. So I have been praying that they both end up in the right place together. I know you are disappointed. I am hoping someone is trying to figure out what happened for you? I also homeschool my 6th grader, and this will be our second adoption and fifth child. Praying everyting works out for you. Kim