November 28, 2009

CIS approval

Thankfully "it" finally came yesterday!!! So Monday I am off to get my final two forms certified and then driving to Montgomery, then mailing it all off to Houston and then off to California and then finally off to CHINA!!! Maybe by the end of next week this dossier will be out of my hands.
We did get an update on Jax. No measurements though and I am dying to know how big(or small) he is. We found out his favorite color is purple(just like mom). His favorite foods are crackers, apples and chocolate. He is in first grade and his favorite subjects are math, PE and art.


Aaron and Erica said...

Oh Thank you Lord! I know you are so ready to be done with the dossier!!!

Just the 4 of Us said...

How wonderful....Gods timing is always perfect! Does that mean he will be here before the first of the year?

Emily said...

Yay! Where in California???

Laura said...

Jax is def gonna fit in the Pierce clan, choclate, apples, art.. meant to be!
Can't wait to meet you Jax!
Aunt Laura" AKA lala