November 5, 2009


So that is Jax's name in Ch*nese characaters, Gou Fa Ke. My friend Amber was able to get in touch w/ some of her friends from Taiwan. They translated the name to mean: drum roll please...............

Gou- Year of the dog and last name (we already knew that thanks to Rosetta Stone Mandarin)

Fa-Rich or Success

Ke- OK

Another of hers friends sent this:

"苟发可, or 苟發可 in traditional chinese

This name sounds a little bit weird to me though :P

fa = to prosper, to gain wealth, to become rich
ke = to be able to, will be, will do

To sum up, I would say it means this boy "can be rich", "will make a fortune" :)

So maybe they can call him "Rich" or "Richard (richer)" for example :P

haha, just some of my thoughts"
So...hmm, Rich OK... Please give us some help here. We might just name Jax, Jax...not Jaxin, not Jaxon....maybe just Jax...but now the middle name. If we keep looks like Fake...which here in the states would not be an acceptable middle name. So what to do, what to do. So what sounds good w/ Jax... ANY suggestions?

Thank you Amber, Jenny and Jill for checking this out for us.

Also, my I800 approval has not come yet. No matter how many lucky horse shoes and rabbits feet I have, I keep throwing salt over my shoulder, have not walked under ANY ladders, nor have any black cats crossed my path. I try to open the mailbox very slowly w/ my tongue held just right...but guess what? IT IS STILL NOT HERE!! Like my mom reminded me again for the millionth time today, "God's timing is perfect"...I just wish I could peek at His calendar!


Amber said...

You know my first thought was to find something that means the same thing. So far I've found - Cheng-gong (success), Ashwin (of great wealth), Eamon (prosperous protection), Kamran (prosperous), Xing (prosperous), Fu (wealthy), and Huang (wealthy).

Maybe something like Keegan? Or Kean, Kee, Keaton, or Keenan? I just thought of these because of the "Ke".

Melody said...

I have to say that Amber has better suggestions than I. I like the idea of using "Ke" names......and I'm with you on FaKe. Doesn't really work here in the good ole US of A.

Laura said...

I like Keaton, IT uses the Ke and also sounds good with Jax I think : ) my 2 cents worth
Aunt Lala