July 1, 2007

Sophie's unexpected bath

Ok, I literally had just gotten Sophie out of the shower with me. I put this adorable beaux et belles smocked lady bug outfit on her. She had her bow in, she wanted to put on socks so I let her and I figured I would take them off if we went anywhere. Well, I went to get some clothes out of the dryer...I get them out and I am folding them. I hear her talking so I go investigate. Well, EG had taken a bath earlier and left the water in the tub...Sophie had proceeded to get in the tub..happy as a clam dressed to a T!! lol. She is so silly!


Melody said...


Amber said...

How funny!!! She is such a doll....I love the pink socks. =)

The Ferrill's said...

This is so precious...love the socks (and so does Sophie it appears!)