July 28, 2007

More cute VBS pics

VBS is over the kids are sad and the workers are glad!! lol. What a wild week. We had 150 kids on one night...and stayed over 100 all of the nights.

I dont think I will post any more pics of Sophie for about a week b/c she has a BLACK EYE!!! sob'. I couldnt even take her to our Lifeline adoption reunion thingie that I have sooo been looking forward to going to, b/c her eye looks so bad. She and her daddy..keyword DADDY...were riding in the go cart and somehow a piece of would popped up and got her right under the eye. Praise God it did not go in her eye. Needless to say black eyes get worse every day until they are gone. So right now we are still in the blue-ish purple stage with green to come. If I can get a pic that doesnt look too horrible I will post so you all can see. Daddy felt horrible and Sophie is so tough she doesnt mind it at all!!


laurel said...

What a darling dress! Where did you find it? Please don't say you made it. Man, you are already the perfect mom that would throw me over the top. Cute cowboy hat too.

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Poor baby!! But, I wish you would have come to LL China Reunion anyway! I am thankful it was not her eye!!!


Melody said...

These pictures are adorable! VBS was fun, but I'm glad it is over!! =) I think we will be tired for the next month!