July 26, 2007

Sophie at VBS #2

Another cute video of Sophie and EG dancing. Sis. Bonnie was getting so tickled!


Amber said...

That is great! Who knew Sophie had so many moves? Haha...I love it!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

WHAT FUN! We did not have VBS this summer at our church and we really missed it! THANKS for sharing this fun video! WHAT A CUTE CUTE CUTE DOLL!


The St. John family said...

Cute videos! Elizabeth and Sophie make great cowgirls! It looks like everyone is having a blast at VBS.

I'm so glad to see you are bloggin' again! :)

love ya,

laurel said...

How fun! She is so cute. Glad for all the new posts. I was missing seeing how you were doing.