May 3, 2007

Thank You!!

A HUGE thank you to the precious St. John Family they gave Sophie a beautiful Corelle doll. Sophie had it outside yesterday and I snapped some pics. She has also received some other cute babies I am going to post those after I get some cute pics!!


laurel said...

Love the baby doll! So cute! And the toy baby doll is included in that too.

Melody said...

I love Sophie's outfit and ribbons! She is an absolute doll!

Robin said...

Tina, Sophie looks like she has grown so much since Iv seen her! I love the pictures of her and EG! The boys always look so proud of her in the pictures! I just love outside pictures and it doesnt hurt to have beautiful subjects to photograph either!! All of your kids are gorgeous!! :) LV Ya,Robin

The Ferrill's said...

I had thought of getting Kimmie one of these dolls, they are so precious and Sophie seems to really love hers!