May 3, 2007


Is it just me or does everyone have a hard time trying to get all of their kids to look at them at the right time?


laurel said...

Compared to our family shots yours are great. I think the "non=perfect" ones are the best, they show the real personalities of the family. Great shots!

the St. John family said...

Cute pictures!!!

And yes, getting all of my kids to look at the camera at the same time can be a challenge. Getting all of them to have a "real" smile is even a bigger challenge. We often take a WHOLE lot of pictures to get one good one. Digital cameras are a wonderful thing!


Amber said...

These are precious! Man, they are all getting so big!

Lisa said...

Hi Tina,
Thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting. Sophie is a precious little girl. I know what you mean it being hard to get everyone to look and smile all together. One of mine usually like making a funny face.

Hodge said...

I take about a hundred pic and maybe 20 of them are keepers!!!
It is WORK getting good ones!!!
You do a great job.


The Ferrill's said...

Your children are adorable..all four of them!