May 3, 2007

May Day

Today we went to our homeschool groups' May Day..better know as "track and field day". The kids had a blast running relays, three legged races and sack races. Of course the egg toss and water balloon baseball is always a hit. The kids mets up with a lot of their friends. EG was so happy to see her friend Heather from last year. She kept telling me she only wanted Heather to be her egg toss partner. We always love to get together with Shelly and her sweet girls. Alyssa adores Sophie and I know Sophie feels the same about her! What a great day, but boy are we tired!!


laurel said...

What a fun activity! Cute pictures of the kids and love the one of Sophie's big smile! - Maylin's mom

Melody said...

What fun! We didn't have May Days with our homeschool group. Looks like a blast! The last picture cracks me up...of course EG would be the only one out there without her shoes on!

Amber said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had a good time. No wonder yall were worn out!

The Ferrill's said...

Tina, I think my homeschool group did a field day Thursday too, but we couldn't go. Are you in Crossroads?
Cute pics!