August 17, 2006

Just thinking about my girl....

I wanted to post the meaning of Sophies middle name. We have decided on Sophie RuXian. A friend of mine got this information for me.(thanks Robin) Still no news on LID.

Ok, this "Ru" is an ancient verb meaning to "eat", but in modern times (i.e., over the last 200 years) it is mostly used in surnames with no particular meaning. This "Xian" is a popular character used in names since it has a lot of positive associations, as in describing a sage or a person of wisdom, it is also often used to describe a woman who is virtuous and able. Put together, "Ru Xian" appears a name given in a highly cultured, educated family with high hope for their baby.

And of course she will be cultured, educated, virtuous and we have VERY high hopes for her. We love you Sophie girl!!!


~Shelly.D.Jelly~ said...

RuXian is a very nice name indeed. Its also very unique when put together with Sophie. Sophie RuXian. Good Choice!!


Anonymous said...

We really love the name! You and the family and Sophie are in our prayers.

Lord Bless,

The Tyus "Girls"