May 19, 2011


Lorin's Mcwane birthday party


Look at my little girl all growny!

Jax ad Madsion

Jax was a little scientist!!

They love this water table


Guys playing airsoft

sweet Sophie

"Micah man"

This skinny guy has only gained 2 lbs in a year!

all dolled up


Bow and arrow from Homestead Hollow

We have been busy as usual! The kids are doing well and are already enjoying summer! Tyler and Micah finished up school about 3 weeks ago. EG still has a week to go. Sophie had her 5K graduation last Thursday and I will do school with she and Jax off and on during the summer.    We are nigh on the one year mark of Jaxs' adoption. Wow, do we love this guy.  He has been such a blessing to our family and has fit in so well.  His English has improved leaps and bounds....still struggling with the pronouns..I think Bert will forever be a "yes mam".    He still loves to eat noodles and he has them at least once a day. A local chinese restaurant made him some chicken feet last week. They also gave me a big bag to freeze and the lady there promised to come teach me how to make them. (oh I wish you could hear my lack of excitement in typing that)...(they stink).  Anyways, Tyler got his permit back in April and is driving all over the place. He has been doing an excellent job!!    We have an exciting summer ahead of us with trips to the lake, camping, boys going to Tulsa for a youth conference, and hopefully a lot of time at home vegging out at the pool.

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