May 27, 2010

Beijing tour day 1

Thank you Amber so much for posting for me and thank you everyone for your sweet comments.

Erica, Sophie is adjusting incredibly well. I was actually quite worried but so far so good. Yes, China seems much easier this time around, much more comfortable.

Today the kids got a dose of what it feels like to be a celebrity. Oh my goodness people were hounding us like crazy to get their pictures made with us, more so with the kids than the adults. Sophie and EG liked this but I think it really embarrassed the boys, but thankfully they complied.

Our guide's name is Teresa and she is wonderful we love her. She is so sweet and she even understands some of our Rosetta Stone mandarin although she gets a good laugh out of our pronunciation.

We went to Tian an men Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. It was awesome and we learned a lot!! Then we went to this market where you could buy everything and anything. The guys all got fitted for suits Bert went back and forth over the price so much I was a nervous wreck and walked away several times, I just wanted to hide I was so embarrassed. But he got his way in the end and the guys are all getting super nice cashmere suits for $115 each, that are custom tailored to fit them!

EG picked out some souvenirs for her friends...Yes, Laken, Savanna and Mallory you were among the friend list!!! :) Sophie picked out a Hello Kitty purse and a Dora watch. She wanted to get Taylor, Madison and Brianna one of everything we found! The girl is a serious shopper! I am so ready to go get Jax! I wish he were here with us doing all this awesome touring. Maybe when we come back for number 6...hee hee.


The Ferrill's said...

Love it Tina! It sounds like yall are having a BLAST!!!!!!
Continuing to pray!

misty said...

I will tell Savanna she is among the chosen. I'm glad everyone is having fun..

Aaron and Erica said...

Thanks for all the pictures!!! I got chills looking at I want to go back! I'll just have to live through you until then ;) YouYou is all about Hello Kitty...I can't wait to take her back and do some serious shopping.

We're praying for you continuously.



Anonymous said...

Glad you guys made it safe and sound! The weather looks like it is cooperating. Have a great time, praying for you all!

Sis T

Laura said...

Sophie cracks me up posing in these pics! Love all of you have a safe trip hurry get Jax!

Just the 4 of Us said...

We love the pics...the natives hoarding you guys is cracking me up? Mallory will be delighted that she is in the "friend list" lol
She is sacked out after us getting back from vacation but I will let her read the blog first thing tomorrow..I am up studying since I started back to school TODAY!
Have a great day cant wait to see pics of Jax!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Love all those smiles! It looks like so much fun and it's getting ready to get even better!


Brooke said...

How fun!! My favorite pic is the one where the little boy is wearing the "smiling" shirt! Too cute!