May 4, 2010

3 weeks till take off

Plane on take off passing sun illustration photo

So three weeks from today we will finally be boarding a plane headed to our sweet boy! Our tickets are purchased and let me just tell you they were waaaayyyy more than I budgeted in over $2000 a piece. Yeah. I still don't know what our in country costs are going to be yet. We are having a HUGE garage sale fundraiser on the weekend of the 14th and 15th so if you have any stuff you want to get rid of and would like to donate please let me know!
I haven't officially started packing yet. I do have a suitcase in my room that I throw random things in. I have a really long "to-do" list that I just can't seem to get started.
We are trying to finish up school and we are so ready to be finished!!!


Melody said...

I have stuff to donate. I was going to shop your sale and get lots of good bargains.....but you are having it the day we leave. Can I come to a preview sale? I'M SO STINKING EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!

Miss Riya said...

We are thrilled for your family. I am praying that the Lord will open up the windows of Heaven and bless you for the great lengths that you have gone through to help save 2 little precious souls.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my Tina, if your tickets were over $2000 a piece, what will they be in June?? I hope your garage sale is a success...I think I better get to doing some kind of fund raising too!

I'm so excited for ya'll! Oh, and we're trying to finish up school too..hopefully we'll be all done by May 14th! Yay!


Serving the King said...

Wooo-Hoooo!!....well, woo-hoo for leaving...not woo-hoo for extra $$...that is definitely not woo-hoo worthy. ;) Praying for God to show up in a big way for you financially over these next few weeks! Don't ya just love it when God shows up?!! Can't wait to see what He will do! Be blessed!

Lori Printy said...

I have that same suitcase in my room too! After all this waiting I feel like I will have to rush to get it all done.

So true on the ticket prices...I cn't beleive how much more they are from just a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck with the final preparations...hope to see you on the otherside soon!

Kim said...

Please pack me in your suitcase. I want to go now. Enough of this waiting stuff!

Marla and S.J. said...

Tina you are so cute, love the airplane pic... wish we were all on it crossing the pond together!!!!

Bailey said...

I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations and I cannot wait to follow your journey. Woohoo!!!

Amber said...

Yay!!!! I'll see if I can round up anything.

Let me know if you guys need to borrow any of my luggage. =)

Hooray for 3 weeks!!!!

Marla said...

Do they have Cracker Barrel in China?

Carol and Chris said...


And thank you for replying to our post in the Yahoo Group. I recognized your blog from when you left a post for us. Perhaps we'll get a chance to chat sometime (soon)!

Lois said...

Tina. I'm Lois Cooke. You left a comment on our blog a week or two ago after we got our TA to go and get Hannah. We finally got our updated CIS approval yesterday and can go forward with getting the CA and making travel plans. I understand about the long to-do list that never seems to get done. Every night I wake up at some point and begin to panic. I start thinking scripture and praying and calm down. I'm excited for you and look forward to hearing more about your trip.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I couldn't find an email address on you, but I was wondering how your TA it a phone call, email or something in the mail? You can email me: