December 11, 2009

3 year gotcha and DTC!!

3 years ago we were handed a precious beautiful gift and our lives have never been the same! Sophie has opened our hearts and eyes to so much. She is truly a gem. I cannot imagine our home with out her and she it truly a blessing to everyone she meets. We have a little "gotcha day" tradition where the older kids all write a letter, poem anything they would like and then they read it to Sophie. She LOVES it!! The undivided attention of her 3 older siblings is like heaven to her! Then of course we are off to lunch at the local chinese buffet where we are met by Lala, Uncle Bart, KK and Nick...Kaydence has joined us the past two years also. And we were happy that grandma joined us this year too, but she had to leave before we got the camera out.

Is it just coincidence that we are also..... DTC today?? (our paperwork is on its way too China) WOO HOO... One step closer to Jax...can't wait to start our gotcha day celebrations with him too!


Aaron and Erica said...

DTC...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are finally DTC!!!!!!!

I love your Gotcha day tradition. We need to figure out what we're going to do since our's is coming up.

Happy Gotcha Day Sophie!!!!

Shower of blessings! said...

Happy Gotcha Anniversary!!!!!! Glad to hear you are also DTC! Blessings, Diana

Michelle O said...

I just love your blog!!! You have a great family!!!! MISS YOU!!!!

The St. John family said...

Three years!!! Wow!!! I love the Gotcha Day photos and think it is so awesome that you celebrate in such a cool way. Your kids are awesome!!!
BIG CONGTATS on DTC!!! What an exciting day!! :D
Our family continues to pray for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow three years congrats.
Miss you guys soo much.

Love Mckenzie King

Melody said...

So, so sweet! Sophie is a doll! Congrats on DTC!! We can't wait to meet you Jax!

Amber said...

Awesome photos! I can't believe it has already been 3! Sophie is such a sweetheart....she really has an incredible personality! Congrats on the DTC! Can't wait to meet Jax!

Ashton and Anna said...

Happy Happy Gotcha Day!

Anonymous said...

How time flies! I still remeber the first time I saw Sophie face to face! What a Christmas miracle when you received your papers to bring her home.
So excited for your DTC! Sis Tyus

julia said...

one step closer to chengdu!

Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

So happy for you!!

p.s. It usually takes two weeks or less for TA and then you travel within the next two weeks after that (: