April 7, 2009

How to...Easter Basket Cupcakes

First find two AWESOME helpers

Dye your coconut green

Add 2 more helpers...
VERY important(do not skip) make sure you have someone lick the bowl..
Cupcakes ready to bake
Great helper 
Thread Cheerios on to pipe cleaners
Cupcakes are baked


Add coconut, egg candy and basket handle...Waaa Laahhh


Melody said...

Adorable!!! Amber called me all excited last night...she want to do those for the kids on Sunday. Umm...I wonder how long it will take to do 80 of them??? =)

Amber said...

So cute! love them! You helpers did such a good job!

Can you see me now? said...

That is a cute idea for Easter.

The Wisener's said...

Oh, how adorable! I want to go make some...what a great idea!
ps...your helpers looked like they were really enjoying them. :)