April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful Easter! We had 10 children get the Holy Ghost in Sunday School and about 8 were baptized!  Praise the Lord!!

We gave the kids some clues to find their Easter baskets and I thought I would share them.  We give the kids the first clue and it goes from there...can you figure them out?

To find clue number 2 look in a size 11 shoe. 

Do a little jig and look under the pig.

Outside the room where Elizabeth snores is where you will find clue number 4.

Today is the day Jesus arose from the grave, you get spankings with these when you don't behave.

Your favorite tree is where your treasure will be!

pics of our Easter Bash coming soon...


Melody said...

What fun clues!! Sophie looked like a true doll!! Her little "hair do" was so fancy! Love the picture of her and Taylor.

Brooke said...

Aww, fun! Your family is so nice and sweet(no brats here!) lol
Much Love

Jacqueline said...

I LOVED Your clues to the baskets! I really love the "You get spaking with these when you don't behave." What is that exactly?? LOL


The Wisener's said...

How exciting about all those children getting the Holy Ghost!! And it looks like you all started with a fun morning!! You look cute with your hair up in curlers-I love it!!
Bless you~Kimi

Heidi said...

Love the basket idea!!! I love stealing creative ideas from other blog friends. (ha) Love the blog too and also I have added you to my "blogstalk" list :) I love new blog buddies and following blogs especially those of old friends!

p.s. thanks for the FB message. I am responding back to you on there. Great to hear from you girl!

Can you see me now? said...

I love the pictures and the easter egg hunt idea.

Lacie-n-Kadensmom said...

Fun! Fun! I want to hide Lacie and Kaden's baskets when they get older. My parents used to do that for us and it was so much fun! By the way... I just finished the 3rd book in the Terry Blackstock series about the electromagnetic event that caused all technology to no longer work and tonight when I signed on to AOL they have a news clip about something like that possibly happening to the United States...how scary...