March 9, 2009

EG is shaving..

Bert went somewhat savage while I was out of town for a few days last week. There was so many take-out leftovers in our fridge and he didn't shave once while we were gone. (But he did hang some kicking crown moulding). EG was so glad he didn't shave b/c she LOVES to shave her daddy!


Ashley said...

Awww...that is so sweet! I love it!My dad would have never let me near his face with a razor...Bro. Bert has a lot of faith in that little girl of his! That's awesome!

Josh and Tiff said...

Too cute! I can't believe he trusts her with that razor! Lol! Josh won't even let me near him with a razor and I'm an adult! :( Oh and I absolutely love the smile of adoration on lil' Sophie's face. Lol!

The Wisener's said...

That is amazing! How funny about the 'take-outs'. You guys look like you have lots of fun together. I love it!~Kimi