September 4, 2007

Random pics

sweetest guy ever!
Grandma makes good ice cream sundaes!!

Sophie and Sissy doing school

Here are some pics from our last week. I cant believe we are already in the 4th week of school! Time flies when you are having fun.


Lisa said...

The ice cream sundae looks yummy!
Cute pics of the kids. It looks like Sophie thinks she is ready for school too.
Cute pic of your furry friends too. Looks like schnauzers. We have a schnauzer too.

Monica said...

Oh the pictures are so good! I love the blue dress and hairbows! All of your kids are just adorable! Love, Monica

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I love the pigtails! Pigtails are like a party for your hair!
Hey Tina I found the greatest markers at Walmart. They're Crayola Pipsqueaks and they are perfect for Kimmie and Quan's little hands! They played with them for the first time today and LOVED them. And they're washable! Sophie may enjoy them while her big sis is doing math or something!
Love ya,

laurel said...

Save us a sundae. We'll be over. Hee Hee. Cute family and they look happy. School must be going well.