September 24, 2007

The program

On James and Emilys wedding program they had the neatest thing. Not sure if you can read it from my pic so here is what it says. Needless to say I was crying before the wedding! lol

"Elizabeth Grace drew this for Emily on September 1, 2006. On December 27, 2006 on a carriage ride through Central Park in New York City, James asked Emily to be his wife. Only later did we realize that EG had foretold the romantic event. We love you Elizabeth Grace and the entire Pierce family!"


Stephanie's Blog said...

I luv em all!

Amber said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!! Wow! EG is famous!

Melody said...

How cool is that! Way to go EG! =)
Her drawings are great..I was looking at ours from the boating trip the other day. Maybe I need to mat and frame it now that it is by the famous artist EG!

laurel said...

The camel thing just got me. Thanks for the laugh. We had a Llama once in our yard. The pictures our great. What a pretty bride.

Lisa said...

The camel thing is funny! EG did a great job on the picture that they used on the program. How neat!

Monica said...

The pictures are great! Looks like a beautiful wedding! How sweet that they used EG's drawing on the program!