April 11, 2007

4 months today

Wow...how surreal is it that Sophie only came into our hands 4 mos ago. She was in our hearts long before that. I absolutely cannot imagine our lives without her. She has changed so much in the 4mos we have had her home. Here is a little update on her. She is talking like crazy..she can say
Dada, Daddy and Da Doo
La La(aunt Laura)
Kay Kay(kaitlin)
Z Z (linzi)
She recognizes all these people and says their names upon seeing them.

No,Puppy, more, Apple, kitty, bath, help me, hold me, love you, night night, juice, thank you, please, baby, book,candy, milk,diaper, two, go,hey,hello, eat and the list goes on. she can say "Na" for Tina..its so funny when Bert calls me she starts yelling "NA, NA"...just like Kristin used to call me. She can name all the parts of her face..knows her fingers..socks and shoes.
She has beautiful teeth and ALOT of them. Her hair is getting so long. She loves to run from us. She can go get her diapers, throws stuff in the trash and pretty much understands 90% of things we ask her to do. She LOVES to sing. She can do patty cake and itsy bitsy spider. She loves to sing this Hallelujah song we sing at church. She loves candy so much it is scary. We have a stool in the kitchen and she takes the stool and pushes it to whatever counter in the kitchen she wants to get something from and climbs right up. I thought I had hid some of her Easter candy until I saw her walk into my room with chocolate all over her face. I said, "Sophie, what did you do"? She then proceeded to take my hand and show me how she got her candy. Another cute thing is before we eat our meals we hold hands and pray, she loves this part..she squints her eyes like she is praying and then after Amen she yells ,"YEAH YEAH" and claps her hands. She is into everything,,homeschooling has become quite chaotic around here. But we all love every minute of it. She absolutely adores her Aunt La La..she is second only to me. She loves to make Bert jealous.. she screams bloody murder if Bert takes her from Laura..(it is Laura, not Sophie that loves to make Bert jealous) hee hee.
She still loves the trampoline and loves being outside. I cant wait until she can enjoy our pool this summer.
Thank you Lord so much for our 4 wonderful children..we are truly blessed!


Paige Betterton said...

The time absolutely flies by! We will have Grace 6 months on the 15th. It just seems like yesterday! I cherish every moment!


the St. John family said...

Praise the Lord that Sophie has adjusted so well! It is wonderful to read all the things she is saying and doing. I'm sure her little Hallelujah voice is absolutely precious!!

Sneaking chocolate... that's a girl for ya! :)


Melody said...

Aww..thanks for sharing all this fun information. Sophie has come so far in such a short time! She must get her smarts from Mommy! =)

Laura said...

Aweeeee!! It seems like Sophie has always been here. Ilove her to death, and I hate to admit it, but I get a SMALL bit of satisfaction when Sophie crys when Bert takes her from me :) Payback Bert from something I am sure :) she does love her daddy though!
Love you all muches!!
Aunt Lala

The Ferrill's said...

Sophie is doing so great...praise the Lord! I love the details of this post...thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

4 MONTHS OF PURE JOY!!!!!AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!