June 9, 2006

One more try!!!!!

If you are reading this blog you probably already know our story..BUT just in case you dont here it is.
We are Bert and Tina Pierce from Alabama. We have been blessed w/ 3 beautiful biological children ages 6, 8 and 10. We were pretty sure we were done having children by any way, make or form until we went to a Save a Life banquet last year with some dear friends of ours. That kind of put the thought in the back burner of our brains. We knew if we were to adopt it would be a girl and that it would be international. There were just too many things we considered risks with domestic adoption. China was the first country Bert and I were drawn too. We have tried looking/considering other countries but just felt like our daughter was in China... condensed version= In march 2006 we decided for sure we were going to do this. We were very interested in minor special needs. We let out social worker know this. After a few dissapointments and a miracle (the family that was going to adopt our daughter was not able to continue) on May 30th we received our referral for Ji Ru Xian..who we think we are going to name Sophie/Sofie.She was born w/ a VSD(congenital heart disease). We are pretty sure the hole has closed on its own. Micah also was born with this. She will be one June 13th. We hope to travel in Oct at the latest.

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