January 5, 2012


I have decided that I blog in clusters.  A whole lot at one time and then a whole lot of nothing at one time. I am going to try and catch up on the month of December.

Tyler was looking at my camera today and was appalled at all the pictures that were still on the camera and not on the computer. So, being the sweet son that he is he went and loaded them onto my computer. And here I sit at 12:08 am not able to sleep so I figured I would update.

The beginning of December we attended our first SCA(society for creative anachronism) event. This is a group of people that enjoy reliving the midieval times so they get together in that type clothing and do there thing.  Well, this is Tyler's thing. He is all into the fighting part of it. He is slowly amassing his suit of armor. I kid you not. His Christmas list was a sugarloaf helmet(that is not a type of bread), a gambeson and some protective gear. These guys beat the snot out of each other. So Micah and EG and I all attended the "event" with Tyler.  I personally am enjoying the here and now. Bert was conveniently on call that weekend.

Armor fever!

calligraphy scroll work stuff

Tyler built this chair

I sat in this chair
Once I returned from midieval paradise Bert and I attended our church Christmas banquet ..sans kids.
Notice my triple chin effect going on, AND I have a big eye
I think a midieval spell did that to me.
HAHA my crazy Bro in law

and sis in law
Then one day during the month, Bert made ornaments with the little ones.

ANyone still reading? Well, Micah got his  braces off in December after 3 LONG years!
To be continued...

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Melody Sutton said...

You are cracking me up! Glad you updated. The SCA stuff is really interesting...who would have known.....