August 29, 2011


Saturday it was gorgeous!! The younger 3 and I went for a walk on our property across the way, I hate I forgot my camera!  Then we came home and did a little groundskeeping. Let me tell you my kids were so happy to help out they just love to work....ok prepare for lightning to come zap me b/c that is very far from the truth.  One of my "children" wants me to take him to the gas station to get worms for fishing, the other "child" wants to go to Harbor Freight to get some kind of tool. So then we started the bargaining...."you trim my bushes...I take you places."
 The younger two had a great time skinny dipping while the rest of us worked. They were joined later by the rest of the crew but no one wanted to swim with naked little ones so they decided to get their bathing suits on. Grandpa and Grandma dropped by for a little bit. I was able to read part of a book outside, but then I was squirted by someone,,then I was mad because my book and my camera got wet.  Oh well, I got over it.

skinny dippers

My fig tree

Sophie is a natural poser

Mom did not want me to post this picture..I don't know why..

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