July 20, 2011


We took a road trip to Atlanta this past Saturday with some friends. We have been meaning to take Jax to the asian marked over there ever since we brought him home. He was so excited to see all the familiar food! We came home with a lot of tasty items including a seasoning packet for his fave....yes, the chicken feet.  Now, I can finally cook the chicken feet in my freezer...I wish I was kidding but I'm not...there are these sad little feet frozen solid.....I digress
 We went to 3 different markets and if you ever go, the one on Buford Hwy is the best. They have food from every country you can imagine. We bought so much food we will be having a chinese feast soon,,my favorite are the dumplings!! Bert has been dining on Kimchi since we came home.(yuck) The produce was absolutely, totally amazing!! We bought several different things i.e sugar cane, mangos, plums, peaches, dragon fruit, star fruit, jack fruit and we bought a coconut. Yes, I know I can buy a coconut here at Publix but we were just caught up in a "fruit frenzy" (fruit ninja, anyone). Jax has went on and on about wanting to drink the milk from a coconut, we have tried to explain to him that the milk is gross, at least to me. Well, he tasted and finally believed us.
 On a side note, keep us in your prayers, Jax has outpatient surgery on Friday for reflux..the urine into the kidneys kind of reflux.
Eg does these horrible faces on purpose
We were showing Max how to take a "chinese" picture..peace sign.

EG eating duck at the asian food court

Micah and Genesis

A huge wok, I am so glad Bert did not buy

loving this yummy food

opening the coconut

still opening

and still..



Anonymous said...

I never post but love keeping up with how the kids are growing. They are all so adorable - I guess the big ones would rather be called handsome and pretty. :) It is so great to be able to see them grow. I dont' know if Ellen told you all but we are expecting a girl at the end of August - we can't wait. Mike is coming in this weekend with his daughter - we can't wait to see them. Tell Bert and Bart we said Hi.

Ann "Reyes" Richey

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Looks like a fun time, Tina! Chicken feet in your freezer - lol! I can just see me with chicken feet in my freezer. The things you do your kids, right?