June 28, 2011


Summer is going by wayyyy too fast, I think I am dreading school starting back more than the kids.  I know I sound like such a great homeschool mom. ;)   We just got back from a week of camping and boating and it was so much fun, and it was so much HOT!
 Tyler learned to ski!! All the kids tubed like crazy. Bert did the wake board and slalomed ..what a show off, right?  I did get up on the ski's and Misty and I had our lives flash before us on the tube! Wow, I was really scared and rededicated my life to the Lord several times!   Jax tried to ski and almost had it, he and Sophie both skied with Bert and that was pretty cool. I didn't take a lot of pictures b/c I kept forgetting my camera in the camper but I do have a few pictures to share.
 The remainder of our summer is packed. My older 3 are going to be all over the place in July. I am going to miss them. They have camps and Peak and children's revival and then WHAM...August is here and well, no more sleeping in!!
Jax and O in the camper

Micah and Nick

KK and V...before

KK and V...after

EG and Nick

EG and KK

V, Savanna, EG and KK

all 4 at once!!

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