January 17, 2011

Staying caught up is where I like to be.(especially when it comes to laundry) So I am back logging and going to rejoin blog land. To be honest it is hard to stay up with blogging without checking on all my adoption friends blogs. Well, checking their adoption blogs reminds me I am not currently in the middle of an adoption which lies heavy on my heart. So though truly adoption is NEVER out of my mind or heart it is easier to deal with when you stay away from blog land...at least for me. So of course then the next obvious question that I/we get asked quite often, "will you adopt again?" I don't know. If we had the money in the bank right now the answer would most likely be Yes! If we qualified for the adoption tax credit, then again most likely, Yes! I don't know If I am even ready mentally to adopt again. Because although it is financially taxing it is also very emotionally taxing. Although thankfully, for our family, all the good has outweighed the bad!! And even tonight during our prayer time Sophie is telling me she is ready to adopt again and her "new sister" can sleep on the top bunk, and EG is telling me the next time (like it is a given in her mind) we adopt she wants it to be a black baby! And at the same time Micah and Tyler feel "we have enough kids".   But as for today as for right now I am just loving and enjoying the life God has blessed us with! (although I must side with EG) :)

"... for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, [therewith] to be content. " Phillipians 4:11

They are STILL sleeping in the tent!!

waiting for Jax and Sophie at their Chinese school program

What a doll!!

Ms. Joe, their teacher

My BFF of 25 years!!

Christmas baking

Our tree

Sophie was an angel for her school program

Sophie and Mrs. Laney

5K Christmas party, Jax was her guest

We went to see Beauty and the Beast

Christmas with Boo and Cindy

Surrogate Grandparents

Christmas morning

Auburn fan 1 of 2

Auburn fan 2 of 2

Tyler bought me a "Worlds greatest mom cup!"

First white Christmas

LAte night snack

Ice skating

EG and O

Gorgeous girl!!

Princess Sophia

Jax and my niece, Baby O's dedication
Jax's dedication


Marla said...

So good to read your update! Add me to your "favorites"... :-)

Amy Hollander-Butler said...

Awww Love this! - I enjoyed watching Jax & Olivia's dedication online - I teared up from the song you put on FB...it was so so SWEET. Has it been 25 years -I keep thinking I am 25 OHHhhh noooo we are getting old, Teena(remember how we used to spell our names strangely- oh youth is wasted... lol)

Melody said...

I'll donate a few pennies to you "next baby" fund! You have my full support!!

Aaron and Erica said...

Hey friend!!! I love your update...and I'm w/EG that I'm just expecting you to adopt again :) I started a new blog b/c I just couldn't get back into my old one. So I've committed to updating a blog for 2011, then we'll see after that :) It's here if you want to follow along: http://hfamilyblessingsin2011.blogspot.com

Miss you!!